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I've been an attorney for more than 27 years, and I worked in law enforcement for 16 years before becoming an attorney. I focus on Criminal Defense, including everything from traffic tickets to DUIs to serious felonies, and I also handle Personal Injury cases such as automobile accidents.

I make my client's priorities my goal, and I keep my clients up-to-date every step of the way.
I always offer free consultations. Schedule an appointment to sit down with me and discuss your case and what the law says about it.

Client Testimonials:

Mr. Douglas Goss has helped my husband twice. The first time was minor, but the second time I thought I was going to lose my husband. I cannot thank him enough for saving my family. He and his staff were wonderful about answering my questions and keeping us all updated. God bless you, Mr. Goss.

MARIA, Review from

I needed some help contesting a ticket and these guys went above and beyond my expectations. They told me exactly what they could and could not do for me and were very clear in explaining to me my rights. I appreciated the professional atmosphere and the fact that they seemed to take a personal interest in my case. I never felt rushed or neglected and they were always available if I had any questions. If I ever need future legal advice, I won’t hesitate to give Doug or Blair a call.

JEFF S., Review from

Long story short: I had a couple drinks, but I wasn’t drunk, drove home, and got hit by another driver who ran a red light. The cops showed up and arrested BOTH OF US for DUIs. I don’t know what happened to the other guy, but I got charged with a felony. It was ridiculous. I talked to a friend who told me to hire Doug, and I am glad I did. I’m not sure how, but he got the whole thing thrown out of court. His staff (Blair and the girl, I forget her name) were really good about keeping me updated. Blair (his son) sent me an email after every hearing and returned my calls fast. I haven’t used a lawyer before, but this one is very good.

MARTIN, Review from

I got into a car wreck and was charged with a DUI, and a friend referred me to Doug. Turns out the cops didn’t have my consent to draw my blood (I was unconscious), and they didn’t get a warrant. Doug got the charges completely dropped. I was pretty amazed. I just wanted to get a good deal worked out, but Doug totally saved me!


I was in a car wreck and had to take some time off work because I was hurt. Doug had helped my brother with something, so I talked to him. He made sure I got better, and dealt with the insurance company. A few months later he got me enough money to pay all the hospital bills and A LOT extra. I was pretty surprised and really happy. He’s been good for my family.

MARK B., Review from

I’ve hired Mr. Goss for three separate cases concerning my son. Doug’s priority was MY son and kept him from life in prison, negotiated shorter sentencing, and I felt he did everything in his power to get help and justice for my son. Doug was knowledgeable, and strategic in presenting all 3 cases. I would and do highly recommend Doug Goss to represent your case.


Office of Douglas Alan Goss and in particular Blair were very helpful in resolution of my traffic citation. As a CDL driver having clean driving record is very important , as important as having professional attorney that can keep it that way. Communicating with the office of Doug Goss was easy and responses were prompt. I had no worries or concerns. Once again thank you for your help.

MAX, Review from

Sooooooooo happy! I was in a car accident earlier this year and was hurting. A girlfriend of mine told me to call Doug. I met with him and filled out some forms. He told me to worry about getting better, and he’d handle the rest. A few months later, I got a check waaaaay bigger than I expected. I’m seriously so happy!!!

MICHELLE, Review from

I emailed Douglas about my speeding ticket and within a few hours he called me back to explain to me the for my case it is cheapest to pay the ticket and take driving school to avoid the addition of points to the driving record, but he also offered me the option to fight the ticket on my behalf if I desire that option. He was very quick and helpful and I am glad I reached out to him.

A CLIENT, Review from

after contacting them they understood my work schedule and met me on saturday for the consultation, my first meeting was with Blair who was very understanding of my situation,I was appointed a public defender for my case that was 3 years old and with potential of doing some jail time and having a felony on my record i wanted help from an experienced attorney, so after Blair without giving false hopes, actually told me that there was a couple of option available to me and telling me of Doug's 25+ year experience, i felt no need to look elsewhere every time i had a question they would respond the same day and even went as far as to meet me on a sunday in there office, Doug's experience and knowledge of how to deal with criminal cases was what i needed and he was able to plea down the felony to a misdemeanor and no jail time which my wife and i were very happy with

ENRIQUE M., Review from